Nokian Paperi’s “TISSUES A`LA CARTE” 1991 enriched the visual atmosphere of the previous year. The components of the colour chart were created partly at the pier in my summer house where I luckily had some brushes, colours and felt pens. This rewarded product portfolio included a folder with eight multi-folded cases.


The colour chart of 1992 was made together with Gerold Gerdes, who is the master of unique polaroid photography. The topics were handled with nature morte style. The thoughts of the masters of art on the nature and being of colours provided elegant extra depth.


The colour chart of 1994 included some connections to ceramic fish of the Ceramic Artist Åsa Hellman for Nokian Paperi. She got excited about the cooperation. Her sculptures and my drawings in the colour chart produced an entity that had a strong impact on the Nokia's customers. Hellman's ceramic fish each opened their own world of colours. Hellman's unique ceramic fish were given as business gifts.  


For years, I had carefully followed the declarations of trend agencies like Promostyl on what the world will look like in future. Therefore, I built the year 2000 “millennium colour chart” based on trends. I described the colours of reflecting feelings, objects and materials with the top trendy agencies. The trend maps placed on deep-dyed tissue paper samples showed the central colours through the die-cut holes in them. Compiling a diverse and wide image material is a challenge. We photographed some of them with Markku Alatalo, some of them were royalty-free images and some were bought in photo banks. At this stage, Nokia paper factories were already owned by the American Fort James Suomi Oy.