The Best Posters of the Year 1988 exhibition was held at Wanha Satama. The design competition of the poster for the exhibition was won by the collection of these five posters. The posters created a multidimensional but unambiguous message, in the streets of Helsinki with consecutive poster pillars. The poster is a colourful influencer and the proclaimer of their ideology.



Black Horse underwear started to conquer Sweden in 1980s, landing in a large department store in Stockholm. The central element of the campaign was the strong poster advertising. A signed and numbered print series of serigraphy was made from the same poster theme. They were the customer prizes for the promotion arranged in the department store. The serigraphy was made in eight colours. The theme structure used only the horse of the Black Horse logo in order to create a human figure with key and multimedia technique. In all, Black Horse made everything differently from the market leader Hyvon, that it was created to challenge - that is also explaining the name.


In 1980s, A-lehdet invited its customers to music culture evening events. The invitations to these events were not normal cards but posters that could be framed to the wall. This way, they were building the image of a press house, and the positives vibes can still be remembered. They became collector’s items. I have got a photograph from one lucky collector in the United States, where the “Clarinetist” is framed in pride of place.

The media marketing of A-lehdet for poster campaigns of the Idea days.


In 1993, a Bear Exhibition was arranged at Lahti Historical Museum, which was constructed of diverse bear-themed materials. My exhibition poster won the graphic design competition, and it was praised by the jury for its Japanese spirit. The theme of the poster became a small signed serigraphy series for Fabriano.


The poster series is one part of the most rewarded colour chart presentations. It won gold as an unique graphic design product in Finland, New York and London. The graphic design of the year recurred in all communication: the product portfolios, billing, calendars, business gifts, notebooks, bags, ties etc. The same concepting recurred every year.

”The most important tasks of a marketing and graphic designer are to create the desired effect, create reactions and move people. At best, we are designers of change. We change the way people think, act, consume and live.”

- Pentti Pilve