My cooperation with Nokian Paperi (currently SCA) started in the middle of the 1970s and it carried for over 25 years until 2001. This case presents some examples of the parts of the tissue paper import, but my work field was much wider. It also included everything in the domestic market and inside the company. In the 1980s, Nokian Paperi created the basis for a winning strategy for tissue paper sales in the world market. The sales of bulk paper as a raw material for napkins was given up and they developed deep-dyed colour series that matched the trends of living. In order to document this fact, the Nokia’s representative sat down to the table of European colour council to represent Nokia, and he always got the updated view on the colour charts of living for a couple of years ahead. This incomparable knowhow took Nokian Paperi soon to become a global market leader. It should be mentioned that this does not mean napkin export around the world but exporting giant raw paper rolls to the leading refineries of the world. I created the concept for this, where I designed a new presentation every year during 1983—2001. All works here received several rewards for their design, illustrations and as sales presentation materials in Finland and internationally.